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Generator Power

Generator Power Systems (Propane, Natural Gas, and Diesel Generators)

Want to protect yourself from increasingly frequent power outages? Worried about hurricanes and natural disasters that could render your utility provider useless for days if not weeks? We can advise you on the best generator equipment and system for your requirements. From simple critical load design to full house backup, we can do the job.


Solar Electric   

Photovoltaic Systems (Solar panel systems)

From a very simple grid connected design to full-blown standalone systems with batteries and backup, we have the means and the experience to design your custom system just the way you want it. Save money by getting the best design up front rather than chopping and changing later. Solar well pumps and remote gate systems design also available.


Solar Thermal  

Solar Thermal Systems (Hot water and pool heating systems) 

Want to move away from expensive electric or propane water heating? Need to heat that pool so that it can be used for a much longer swimming season? We can help you design the best system to take advantage of the free heating power of the sun.


Wind Power    

Wind Power Systems (Windmills)

Ever wondered how you could harness the power of all that wind blowing accross your property? There are numerous ways to make this happen and we can help you decide which is the best way. The wind blows at night as well as in the daytime so it can generate power around the clock. Not all locations are ideal however. Save yourself from making an expensive mistake by consulting us first.


Rain Harvest       

Rain Harvesting Systems

Do you have potential for collecting rain water on your property? Let us help you to find out the real potential of this free source of water that might be available to you. Rain harvesting systems are among the best and most effective ways of always having water available, and have been in use for centuries in many places in the world.