Customer Testimonials

Incredible Service Experience

Our dealer is completely knowledgeable of the products. He is 100% reliable and professional in every aspect of service and installation. We had lots of questions and a few concerns about how this would work in our home. Our dealer gave us ideas and suggestions; and he was available whenever we needed him. Today we are very confident in our system and our dealer!

-Islandgirl- Round Top, TX

Very happy recommend highly!

Very professional, knowledgeable and nice to work with! This was a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend this company!

-Sharon- West Point, TX

Well done!

The installation was smooth and well coordinated. I was very pleased. Thank you!

-Ranch- Weimar, TX

Excellent Professional

My Wife and I having built a new home, included a 20K Propane Generac for backup power. Living in a rural area with co-op power that tends to be interrupted for a variety of reasons we decided on a Generac system. True to form the power goes off and the Generac kicked in only to go out approximately 5 min later. This was very disappointing to say the least. I went to the general website to find an authorized warranty dealer which led to an electrical company approximately 100 miles away. After being told it would be at least 2 weeks for a service tech to show up, this was completely unacceptable. The 2nd company on the website was also an electrical company with the same results. I then called Generac customer service and was given Mr. Schumacher's company ZENITH INTEGRATORS. Within 3 days Mr. Schumacher was on site and diagnosed the problem and effected repairs. It took 2 visits to complete, the second visit (fuel delivery system) had to be approved by Generac before repairing it. I cannot tell you the relief it was to find a consummate professional with the knowledge and know how of Mr. Schumacher. My wife and I would highly recommend his company to any and all who are contemplating an alternate energy source as well as the know how to maintain the system.

-The Brown's- New Ulm,TX

My generator installation went without a hitch.

Zenith Integrators was very helpful in providing me with all of the information I needed in order to make an informed decision on the best system for my needs. Their representative kept me well informed as to the shipping date as well as the date and time of installation. The technician arrived on site to receive the shipment so I did not have to be responsible for delivery. He also arrived on site the day of installation before the electrician or plumber, stayed throughout the entire installation, executed the finalization procedures and walked me through the operational procedures, familiarizing me with the system. I am very happy with the entire experience and highly recommend Zenith Integrators.

-Keith- Washington County, TX

This dealer is great!

We were so pleased with the service and professionalism shown by this company. About ten days after installation, we had our first power outage...for about 10 hours. It was great having air conditioning all night...and my husband toasted me with a cup of coffee in the morning!!!! All powered by Generac!!!! Pat

-Pat and Tony- Washington, TX

This dealer is someone you can trust.

Zenith Integrators did a great job on supplying and installing my new 20 KW generator and transfer switch. The system covers my whole house including our Bed and Breakfast. The job went smoothly and the company representative kept me informed all the way. The workmen were discreet and courteous and the installation was neat and professional. Less than two days after commissioning we had a 10 hour power cut and the generator performed flawlessly. Recently we had another power cut in the middle of the night and it ran quietly for 3 hours while we slept in our air conditioned comfort. Based on price, professionalism, performance and overall satisfaction, I would not hesitate to recommend Zenith Integrators.

-Happy- Washington, TX